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3 Times To Get Help With Marketing

Posted on April 19, 2021
Written by Brian Shaw

There are all sorts of reasons to get help with your marketing. Perhaps you want a long-term marketing strategy, new methods to get clients, help building a brand, or someone to create content. Those things I’ve listed really boil down to a list of ‘WHAT’ a marketer may do rather than the big – ‘WHY’ – you should get help.  

If you are experiencing any of the below issues then you know ‘WHY’ you need to get marketing help now: 

Business is so good that you don’t have any time

If business is good, then why the heck do you need marketing help? Marketing will help your business stay busy. When business owners find success they often take their eye off of what got them there. You may be so inundated with customers that you are focused on providing service, and as a result the actions that brought you customers falls to the wayside. 

Is your business busy due to seasonality? Did you run a campaign to bring in new clients, or did you help existing clients spend more money?  Regardless of your answer to these questions, you know that marketing will be required to stay busy. 

Sure, generating revenue and getting new customers today is good, but if being busy means less time for marketing then you need to get help. Use the extra income you are getting from being busy to get assistance with staying jam packed with clients. Out-tasking marketing activities is a great method for you to generate long-lasting ROI for your business. 

My receptionist is also my marketer

It is wonderful when your receptionist, or someone else in your business expresses interest in marketing. That person may even say, “I have hundreds of followers on social media,” or “I know how to update copy on your website”. These skills have nothing to do with strategically, systematically, and reliably growing your business.

Like you, marketers have built a specialized skillset. This skillset allows a professional marketer to identify the best activities in your budget, with the time you have available, that will make you the best ROI. 

Your internal non-marketing staff may be good contributors of content, but leave important marketing strategies and tasks to trained professionals. 

My business is not generating enough revenue

How can you rationalize spending money on a professional marketer when you are concerned about making payroll, paying rent, or even paying yourself? If you don’t spend money to grow your business then your business will die a slow death. 

Thousands of businesses fail because they refuse to spend money, time, or get external help for client acquisition. You know that simply putting out a sign, doing an organic social post, or sending an email are not enough to find new clients. So why do you keep doing those things? 

If your business is not generating the expected revenue then there is something that you can do about it. Exec Cast offers a risk free 90 day strategy assessment. In this strategy session you will meet with an Exec Cast marketing professional to focus on what we call the Client Relationship Maximizer. This is a process we walk through with all our clients to identify the big problem areas in your business that keep clients away and costs you sales. Using this process, we’ve been able to create some dramatic results for our clients, such as: 

  • In 2020 we achieved an average revenue growth of 36% for clients, across the board.
  • Adding over $19,000 in new sales in one weekend using a simple marketing campaign.
  • In Seattle, WA, one business had their best December ever – DURING the pandemic.
  • Built systems that produced over 6 months of month-over-month growth, resulting in the best year yet.
  • Website and digital traffic growth of over 15% in just a few short months.
  • Going from a 52% decrease of appointments in October to DOUBLING the number of new bookings by January.
  • Nearly 43% increase in revenue growth in just one year.
  • Plus massive increases in referrals, reviews, and online sales… all during the pandemic. 

If you’d like help creating growth like this in your business, we’re offering freeClient Relationship Maximizer consultations for small businesses that are ready to start growing again.