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About Us

About Exec Cast

Your Marketing Dream Team, located in the heart of Western North Carolina

Your business is unique, and your marketing should match. That’s why everything we do to help you grow is customized for your business. You won’t find “off the shelf” solutions here. You get the marketing and strategy YOUR business needs to thrive, not just recommendations to do something because "everyone else is doing it." That is truly what we are about.

With a leadership team backed by four decades of digital marketing experience in dozens of industries, you can be sure we’ve met marketing challenges like yours.

While Exec Cast might be based in the mountains of Western North Carolina, our clients are located all over the country, from New Jersey and New York to Seattle and everywhere in between. 

Our goal is for you to feel like we're just members of your team, not an impersonal marketing agency. Questions? Idea that woke you up at 2 AM and you want to give it a try? Give us a call, we're always here and ready to make great things happen for your business. 

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About the Founders

Exec Cast was founded by married best friends Brian Shaw and Kelly Winget, who between the two of them have more than four decades of experience helping businesses attract more clients, grow top-line revenue, operate more efficiently, and launch new offerings. 

When not helping their clients, Brian and Kelly can often be found hiking in the mountains around their home near Asheville, NC, playing with their dogs, or out on the water. They started Exec Cast because they wanted to bring their unique combination of fun and passion to businesses who need marketing help but don’t know where to start. 

They believe that the best things in life start with good communication, trust, and a willingness to be bold (and coffee!). This philosophy can be felt in everything they do at Exec Cast and beyond. 

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