Direct Primary Care Marketing

Relationships are at the core of Direct Primary Care.

Relationships are at the core of Direct Primary Care.

It’s a return to the way medicine used to be practiced, where doctors had the time to get to know their patients and be a true partner in health.

But it’s also still a relatively new healthcare concept for many people, and they need to be educated to understand what DPC is and how it can benefit them.

That’s why you don’t want to trust your marketing to just any agency or rely on busy front office staff to effectively educate prospects and convert them into happy members.

At Exec Cast, we ONLY work with DPC practices and Physical Therapy clinics, so our messaging is dialed in to reach your ideal patients.

Why should you trust Exec Cast to help you grow your practice?

  • We helped one of our DPC practices roll out a 25% price increase with almost no attrition – and at the same time, helped them grow a wait list for every physician at the practice!
  • We helped them significantly increase revenue without jeopardizing the high levels of access patients expect with DPC.
  • The wait lists also mean the physicians won’t experience unexpected gaps in their patient rosters while building a ready-made demand for a new physician to come onboard.
  • Marketing that works pays for itself

And that’s just one example!

You know how to provide exceptional patient care

Pair that with marketing from a team that delivers consistently exceptional results for practices JUST LIKE YOURS!

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