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How Inspiration can be a Trojan Horse

Here’s something you won’t often hear from “marketing gurus” – Inspiration can be a dangerous Trojan Horse to invite into your business.
Specifically what we mean is that constantly chasing inspiration and the next “shiny new thing” actually keeps you from what you want, which is business growth.
Creative types and creative-minded business leaders (many CEOs fit this pattern!) often chase inspiration and the dopamine hit it can provide.
That’s partly because entire myths have been created around “When inspiration strikes” and “Striking while the iron is hot.”

The romanticization of inspiration

Creative types in particular love the romantic notion of inspiration, where suddenly, it will strike and you’ll know exactly what you need to do. Fueled by this inspiration, you’ll create something perfect and compelling, as though angels were lifting you up to new heights.
If you look at common questions that creators get from reporters, they are often asked, “What’s your inspiration?” and “What was the inspiration for this?”
And this is where inspiration is dangerous. Because you have been led to believe you have to wait for inspiration in order to create your best work. Or that you need divine inspiration to do something.

Why we chase inspiration

Inspiration is fun. It’s glamorous and exciting and cloaked in possibility. It feels exciting.

So, you open the door to inspiration. And at first, you gulp it down and create like one possessed. And it feels good.
Until the inspiration fades (as it always does). What’s left behind is the reality of having to do the work, day in and day out. It means you have to keep doing the work even after the initial inspiration has long since left the building.
When that Trojan horse breaks open, the reality you have to confront is routine, commitment, and persistence. Those are GOOD things, but they aren’t fun and exciting and stimulating like inspiration. They look like, well, work (even though they hold the real keys to success!).
So, you start chasing inspiration again, certain that  this time will be different. This time, the inspiration will stick around, and you’ll be able to create everything you want and need for your business.
This time, you think, your inspired work will get you all the new leads and clients you’ve been wanting.
But that’s the problem with Trojan horses. They are never what they seem. They will always let you down.

What you need to focus on instead

If you’re tired of falling for inspiration and continually chasing “the next best thing” when it comes to your work and getting new leads and new clients, it might be time to give up the glamorous for the practical.
You have to push past “shiny new” and get comfortable with persistence.
And if you want a consistent way to bring in new leads, something that might not seem flashy but is simple and practical and more reliable than flaky inspiration, check out 2 Hours to Scale.
It’s a simple, repeatable process to create an army of referrals and get warm leads in the door who want to do business with you. And we map it all out for you.
No inspiration needed.