How To Grow Your Clinic FAST Using The Clinic Growth Formula

PTs, DPCs, surgical clinics, and other medical clinics need a systematic approach to reliably attract more patients and increase clinic revenue.

Having an effective and systematic approach to client attraction: increases marketing efficiency, reduces the cost of new patient acquisition, and provides your clinic with a confident pathway for long term growth.

The first step to developing your systematic approach for attracting new patients is to evaluate the existing lifecycle of your relationships.

The key relationships you should be concerned with include:

  • Patients and Prospective Patients 
  • Medical Referral Relationships 
  • Non-Medical Business to Business Relationships

We refer to the relationship lifecycle and the tool we use to manage that lifecycle as the Clinic Growth Formula (CGF).

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Finding new patients is challenging because buyers and referral sources have choices.

There is competition in your local or regional marketplace, and in some instances potential patients may ignore their need for medical attention. (We know…crazy right!?!)

The CGF tool is used because we recognize that patient prospects and referral sources go through distinct steps between when they first become aware of your business, to when they become super fans of your clinic and are actively recommending you to others.

When your clinic skips steps within the CGF you are jeopardizing the full value of relationships and losing opportunity. Conversely, you will build a foundation for continued growth and reliable success when you consistently embrace each step of the customer relationship maximizer.

We will do a deep dive on each step of the CGF tool later on, but for now consider the following patient experience.

Want a step-by-step walkthrough of the clinic growth formula, where we’ll identify the top 3 areas your business needs to focus on RIGHT NOW?

If so, click the button below to book a free Clinic Growth Session with a member of our team.

Patient Experience Example

Pt: Hippocrates

Gender: M

Age: 44

Sx: Knee pain

Experience in Clinic A: Hippocrates calls the office of his primary care physician at Clinic A. He waits on hold for 15 minutes, and then schedules an appointment. When Hippocrates arrives at his scheduled time, he is given a mountain of paperwork to fill out. He is then shown to a treatment room where he waits until 30 minutes after his scheduled time. His busy physician quickly recognizes the issue, orders some tests, and recommends that Hippocrates sees a physical therapist before trying surgery. The physician leaves the room, a nurse returns to complete the paperwork and dismiss Hippocrates.

Once Hippocrates gets home, he realizes that he didn’t ask for the name of a physical therapist to go see. He calls back, waits on hold for several minutes before giving up. He chooses to find a physical therapist using his insurance company and Google.


Experience in Clinic B: Hippocrates goes online and schedules an appointment for a convenient time to see his primary care physician. He then receives an automated email with the paperwork he can fill out in advance to save him time when he arrives for his appointment.

On the day of his appointment, Hippocrates arrives at his physician’s office and is seen within a few minutes of his scheduled appointment time. His busy physician quickly recognizes the issue, but still takes several minutes to answer Hippocrates’ questions. Additionally, the physician asks what favorite activities will be at risk if Hippocrates condition is not resolved.

The physician learns that Hippocrates loves running and fortunately the physician also has a relationship with a physical therapy clinic that specializes in treating active people. The physician instructs the nurse to provide detailed contact information to the best physical therapy clinic to meet the health and performance goals of Hippocrates.

Before leaving, the nurse informs the recommended physical therapist that Hippocrates will be scheduling an appointment. Hippocrates is informed that the best physical therapy clinic in town is awaiting his call to schedule an appointment. Finally, a week later Hippocrates gets a follow up message from his physician’s office to confirm he was able to schedule an appointment.

Examples like those in Clinic A and Clinic B happen every day.

Do you know what the difference is to the patient? Clinic A has helped Hippocrates begin his journey to recovery. Clinic A has also done nothing to encourage Hippocrates to recommend their service to friends or family.

By contrast, Clinic B has exceeded Hippocrates expectations. The extra help provides a small ‘wow’ factor which Hippocrates may mention to friends and family. Clinic B has earned a referral source that will generate more business and Clinic A has simply treated one patient.

Each patient prospect is different. When you implement intentional actions and best practices for each step of the CGF you will yield amazing results.

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