Digital Marketing Ops in Action

The real meaning of “GSD” 

GSD really does stand for get shit done, and most importantly it embodies the principle of ACTION. Good ideas are a dime a dozen. Ideas worth testing are a dime a dozen. People with the ability to execute and test those ideas are worth their weight in diamonds.  

GSD started as a joke in our office. In meetings our projects stayed on deadline and our team remained accountable to each other. In nearly every meeting someone would comment about how good we are at getting shit done. Eventually we caught on to this habit and decided to make GSD a company mantra; we are the best at GSD! Now we want to package those skills and give them to you. 

Successful businesses don’t succeed on non-stop good ideas. They succeed because they can execute on a vision and then measure whether or not that vision produced the desired results. Good ideas are repeated, and bad ideas are iterated or moved away from. How many ideas will you test and bring to market in the next year? 

Idea Iteration  

Idea iteration is when you have developed a product, service, or marketing activity that has promise, but isn’t perfect. With idea iteration you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, instead you build upon and change the existing progress to see better results.  

For example, what will you do if you launch a funnel to book sales calls and it works a little bit, but doesn’t fully meet expectations. Rather than starting over from scratch you can iterate the idea by evaluating the funnel and then making changes to improve funnel performance.  

Alternatively, if what seemed like a good idea turns out to be complete garbage then you need the ability to rapidly identify complete failure and execute on a different strategy.  

Sew GSD into the Fabric of Your Business  

Have you ever participated in a meeting where fantastic ideas were discussed and no actions were documented? If yes, then you know that nothing really happens when actions are not documented and accountability is not assigned.   

For you and your team to become GSD Ninjas you must build a culture of connecting goals to actions, and then assigning one person to accountable to those activities. (Note: the accountable person doesn’t have to do all of the work, but that person is accountable to be sure that the work gets done.) 

GSD Process  

The accountable person doesn’t have to do all of the work alone, but the accountable person must be sure that all actions are appropriate assigned and completed as scheduled.  

If you’ve read this and thought, Well, GSD doesn’t sound particularly complex, then you are right. GSD isn’t complex, sowhy are so many businesses so bad at it? Business owners and leaders will spend hours in meetings excitedly talking about ideas that then never come to fruition.  

While we don’t know how the economy will perform in the future we do know that the ability to adjust based upon market conditions is more important than ever. Your business must be able to implement marketing strategies, evaluate performance, iterate, and repeat often throughout the year.  

The magic is following through. Master the art of GSD and your marketing will achieve more success than ever before.