You MUST get subscription right to grow your practice!

When someone likes their experience with your brand, trust begins to build. This is when acquaintances choose to receive gated content from you in exchange for their contact information.

Gated content refers to information that is not available to the general public. An example might be a special report PDF that you’ve created with tips to help a particular condition. When a prospect provides you with contact information, you are then able to email them the special report.

Subscription (providing an email address or phone number) typically occurs after a prospect has become aware of your business, and then has engaged with some of your un-gated content. Jeff Walker shares in his book Launch that, “An email list is the closest thing you can get to a license to print money.” He may be exaggerating, but only a little.

An email list that is opted into by prospects and systematically nurtured by the clinic may become a reliable source for new patients. Additionally, this same list can be used to reactivate and re-engage old patients.

There are two components to the subscription stage:

  1. Capturing the contact information
  2. Nurturing that contact by providing value

Case Study

A physical therapy and personal training clinic in Seattle had been in business for three years. During that time, the business had accumulated over a thousand email addresses. The contacts on the list received the occasional newsletter (not sent on any schedule), but that was about the only value provided to contacts on the list.

When Exec Cast first started working with clinic we learned that they had acquired the email addresses without any intentional effort and that the contacts hadn’t received any recurring nurture. To demonstrate the power of an email list, we recommended that the clinic conduct a cyber Monday sale. The clinic owner had never even considered a cyber Monday sale. We took that as a challenge to show the revenue being lost by not engaging the email list.


Exec Cast executed the following campaign:


Campaign Name: Cyber Monday 2018

Campaign Effort Start/End Date: 11/12/18 – 11/28/18

Campaign Summary: Clinic will build advanced excitement for a Cyber Monday sale that provides never seen before deals on personal training. Additionally, the campaign will create pathing for those that need physical therapy before training to receive a free screening. The purpose of the free screenings will be to convert prospects into a paid evaluation and ultimately a paid plan of care.

Incentives for purchasing the training packages on Cyber Monday include:

  • Buy a 10-pack of training sessions and get one additional session for free
  • Buy a 20-pack of training sessions and get three additional sessions for free.

Campaign Challenges:

Before implementation, prospects could only purchase training packages by emailing or calling. The clinic had no ability for the client to purchase online. That required an immediate fix; the clinic had to make it easier for prospects to spend money.

Campaign Goals:

  • Create urgency, resulting in the sale of 7 high dollar training packs
  • Generate $11,480 in immediate revenue
  • Schedule 3 free physical therapy screenings (that subsequently become a plan of care)
  • Implement ability for packages to be purchased online
  • Reach a broader audience (as we’ve recently added 500 names to our list)
  • Evaluate the impact of texting as a marketing tactic for the clinic

Campaign Strategy:

This campaign will run fast and hot. We’ll tease the campaign a little before cyber Monday and then push hard around cyber Monday to break through the seasonal noise.

Campaign Activities:

Email – Current training clients will be excluded from email campaign

  • Email 1 – Teaser email with video. Talk up small business Saturday and cyber Monday. Thank clients for a great year, the new space is amazing, oh and we are going to have a killer cyber Monday special to check your inboxes.
  • Email 2 – Cyber Monday – The gift of health
  • Email 3 – Cyber Monday – The deal ends soon
  • Email 4 – Special email to those that used to use training, but no longer do. Let’s sweeten the deal to get them back.

Email Cyber Monday Gift 

  • Email 1 – Current members can be gifted one free session that they can’t use for themselves. It can only be used as a gift for someone else. [This is to bring in new training clients]   

Social Media 

  • Thanksgiving week – posts showing social proof about personal training (success stories) 
  • Thanksgiving week – big thank you and season’s greetings from the clinic owner 

In Clinic 

  • Front desk poster that makes cyber Monday sale available for a full week in clinic 


  • Send one text to our full list with a link to a cyber Monday sales page 
  • Implement ability for online purchase 

Campaign Results vs Goals:

Create urgency resulting in the sale of 7 high dollar training packs 

  • Sold 13 

Generate $11,480 in immediate revenue 

  • $19,600 of revenue in one day (the largest sales day ever for the clinic) 

Schedule 3 free physical therapy screenings (that subsequently become a plan of care) 

  • Scheduled 4 with an average plan of care equaling $1,000 

Implement ability for packages to be purchased online 

  • Successfully implemented and used many times after the sale 

Evaluate the impact of texting as a marketing tactic for the clinic 

  • Complete 

The lessons from this real-life case study illustrate several things:

  • It is critically important to grow your email list. In this instance nearly, all revenue was generated from emails that went to a sales page. 
  • If you are not nurturing your email list then you are losing money. 
  • You need to make it easy for your prospects and clients to spend money with you. 

Getting subscription and nurture done correctly is mission critical for the growth of your business. Your marketing must include multiple methods for prospects to provide you with their contact information, and once you have that contact information you need to provide valuable content for their use.

Fortunately, getting these two things done correctly doesn’t have to be too hard. Below are four easy methods for collecting contact information:

  • Be sure to get the email address for every patient (something you are probably already doing. Be sure you are entering these contacts into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool). 
  • Have a prominent button on your website homepage inviting people to sign up for a newsletter AND give them a reason to sign up. Don’t simply have the button, let them know about some of the fun or valuable types of content they will receive in your newsletter. 
  • Create a PDF addressing common questions regarding a diagnosis you treat. For instance, if you are a DPC clinic and you help people with weight loss, then create a PDF addressing the common myths about weight loss. Make the PDF available on your website, but gate the content with a sign-up form. Once people provide their name and email address then have the PDF automatically sent to them. (Additional follow up is appropriate in this example, but that will be covered at another time.) 
  • Host events that prospects would like to attend. For instance, if you are physical therapy clinic then you could host a talk on tennis elbow. Require that people sign up for the talk by providing their email address. While in person events are best, we also observed during the COVID crisis that virtual talks were working as well.

There are many other methods for generating email addresses, but these ideas will get you started.

Once you have prospect email addresses, it is then important to nurture the relationships. In the Clinic Growth Formula, the step after Subscribe is Convert. In order to turn a prospect into a buyer we must nurture the relationship. People want to do business with those that they know, like, and trust.

Nurturing your email list is simple, but all too often ignored when clinic owners feel squeamish about sending too many emails. Well, get over it. People will delete messages that they don’t want, and those that most need your services will appreciate receiving valuable information from you.

The key to your emails is the concept of value. Don’t SPAM email addresses several times each week with useless content. With little exception, we recommend the following email cadence for most clinics:

  1. Send a newsletter one to two times each month.
  2. Send an e-card to each contact on their birthday.
  3. Three to four times each year run a campaign during which you may send four to ten emails over the period of up to two weeks.
  4. Send two to three emails every time you are hosting an event in the clinic.

This may seem like a lot of email, but that is why each email comes with an unsubscribe button. Those that were unlikely to do business with you anyway will unsubscribe. Those that plan on eventually doing business with you will allow you to keep sending them mail. Those that are already doing business with you may choose to recommend you to others or may choose to reactivate as a patient due to your messages.

Getting subscription right is a game changer for the growth of your clinic!